Fast forwarding 7 months later. I'm sitting on a Sunday night trying to decipher a property tax question on the last day I can make payment. Bank of America is closed and I can't get anyone to answer...so what do I do? I turn to the Rock! I send a text message, and Jason get backs to me right away, reviews a pdf I send him and gives me a clear answer to my question.

Working with them, you really will have a partner for the long run. Thanks, yet again, Jason.

-Rehan M.

Cannot say enough about our real estate agents and friends at Rock Realty - Jason and Ryan are so helpful, smart, caring, funny and easy to work with!! They know their stuff, are a wealth of information, and work around the clock. They are our agents and now our friends.

-Danelle N.

"Rock Realty Group is the best ever. They sold my house in 1/2 hour thanks to Brian. It was the greatest deal in the field of real estate. Everything was incredibly perfect. Then they sold my mother's duplex in just short of a month.  Thanks to Brian and Jason who worked very hard to get this deal done and closed. I can't say enough good things about their team and escrow people. Everyone was so helpful along the way.  I would recommend them to anybody who is thinking of selling or buying. You can't find a better group to help you. They are the BEST!!!!!"

-Arlene W.

"A few months ago my sister and I made the decision to sell our childhood home. Knowing that this would be a challenging and emotional time, finding a broker sensitive to our situation was a priority. I feel very fortunate to have found Jason, he was the perfect choice to represent my family. Jason   clearly loves his work. His knowledge of the real estate market, combined with a patient, relaxed demeanor really facilitated the entire process of selling the house. At our first meeting, Jason spent several hours reviewing my home, which was an older traditional house from the 1950’s. The market in LA is crazy and his experience was invaluable in helping to set the selling price. Also, there was the question of “should we fix up the house before we sell?” His strategy was to just keep things simple- no need to spend thousands on repairs and touch-ups. Well, it worked!  We received multiple cash offers well over asking price. We are confident that Jason negotiated the best possible price for us.  Throughout the process, Jason was there answering tons of our questions and giving thorough explanations about what our options were and what we could expect. It was a little overwhelming, but I never felt pressured or rushed.  He even worked it out with the buyer to let us have an extra few weeks after escrow closed in order for us to move out 50 years worth of things!  Jason is a professional who is extremely easy to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

-R. Salem

"Can I give Jason and his team a 15 out of 5 stars? The time, attention to detail, and care Jason gives his clients far exceeds any expectation you could have from a realtor. He's truly the best at what he does...he's on it every step of the way with every timeline and best of all, he cares! Way past what   he has to do...design help, help with Bank credits, and when we sold my last house he fought to get me a great rental home and got nothing from it... Can't say enough good things. It's an honor to know him. Look no further!"

-Shannon O'Dowd

Dear Rock Realty Group,

This letter serves as a letter of appreciation to Brian Weisberg and Jason Reitz.

We'd like to let you know how much we value Brian and Jason's complete and competent handling of the selling of our house.

The handling of large and small problems which arise with the listing and selling of our home was done carefully and professionally.  Brian & Jason completely alleviated any stress we had concerning the selling of our property.

Because of their thorough understanding of the entire transaction process, all went smoothly from the listing to closing of escrow.

A million thanks to the competent Rock Realty Group.

Abe Share
Madge Share