Encouraging News for Los Angeles First-Time Home Buyers Nation’s First-Time Home Buyers & Women Is it Ladies’ Day for LA First-Time Home Buyers?

Some breakthrough good news has come to light. It deals with first-time home buyers. Across the U.S., first-time home buyers have been staging a disappearing act for a worrisome long time. The causes were pretty universal across much of the country: a sluggish economic recovery and tight labor market contributed to the national phenomenon. Rises in Los Angeles residential prices haven’t helped those seeking to become new homeowners locally. 

Housing Rental Scams Abound During D.C. Transition Eliminating any Chance of a Beverly Hills Housing Rental Scam Ways to Thwart Los Angeles Housing Rental Rip-off Schemes

The idea of “fake news” and how to tell it from the real thing has gotten scads of attention lately, so Beverly Hills web users are entitled to be more skeptical than usual of news items. Last week, there was one of those “come hither” headlines you run across on the web—but with a byline from The Washington Post, it looked like it would contain actual news. Sure enough, this one was for real: “How to Spot a Housing Rental Scam.” Housing rental scams aren’t totally unknown in California—so dispatches about how to spot any new kind of Beverly Hills housing rental funny business figured to be worth checking into.