Investing With Rock Realty Group


Consulting To Investors

Rock Realty Group is founded on the simple belief that every real estate transaction should be approached from an investment standpoint.  So it is not a surprise that when we consult on actual investment projects and requirements for clients, our abilities and passions are able to operate at the level they crave.


We are able to help all types of investors across all levels of experience, wealth, and project involvement.  In addition, we consult to many financial and personal objectives, including tax shelters, capital gains, cash flow, estate planning, distribution of wealth, change of investment class, and real estate development.  We can help you identify projects that may interest you and consult on how to successfully perform the transaction.


Our real estate investment consulting begins with a fundamental knowledge of all investment classes and how they relate to each other.  It is furthered by listening to the client’s goals and objectives and consulting to them vis-a-vis their entire portfolio.  It is fair to say that we do not do real estate investment consulting with a transactional mentality focused on the fee, but a comprehensive point of view which assures the client an appropriate investment, risk and return.


While the US offers many lucrative real estate investment opportunities, we also offer international and emerging market real estate opportunities as well.  Most often, these are the larger type investments for larger size portfolios, however they generally offer the larger size profits.  We currently are currently working on or with projects in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Montenegro. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us with your real estate investment needs as we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can help you.