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rock•your•house (räk’-yər-haü̇s) noun 1. The wildly successful sales & marketing program by Rock Realty Group that maximizes the value of a home and gets it sold in the least amount of time.

Check Out Our Most Recent Rock Your House Project That Just Sold $100K Over List!

 A Celebrity Hideaway In The Hollywood Hills


Our expertise is put to work to maximize the value of your asset before it’s debut to the market! When weRock Your House to Sell, we take Seller’s through the process of redesigning and conceptualizing their homes to sell, inside and out!

It makes sense that the single most important component to selling a house is the house itself.  Oddly enough, too many agents forget this rudimentary rule of marketing a house for sale.  They get a sign, they make some flyers, they sit open houses, and they wait.  We do not feel that is how it should be done.  We think of real estate sales as real estate development. The single most important aspect to selling a home for the seller is the value.  Value is a perception.  Value is what a person sees and feels.  If a person can see something, they can assign value to it.  The more they can see, the higher the value.  Our enemy here is expecting them to see and pay for “potential value”.  No one has ever created maximum value offering a home’s potential value.  Buyers literally can’t see it.

As part of our value added service, we strive to consult our selling clients on how to create the highest perceived value possible in their home when we market it for sale.  This continually results in our clients earning the top values for their homes while selling them in surprisingly short periods of time.  This is the absolute goal of every seller, and we can deliver it.  The key ingredient here is client trust. Our seller consulting ranges anywhere from a light removal of clutter and cleaning to complete property make-over, color-design & staging.  The property shown in the slideshow was a full make-over inside and out.  The home sold in 4 days for all cash at $100,000 over list price and had 150 people through the first open house.  While we cannot promise the exact same results for everyone, we can promise that your home’s value will drastically increase when our consulting is followed.